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Spicy elixirs with Sicilian citrus fruits, with an unmistakable taste, as warm as the Sicilian sun. Harmony of the senses with every sip.

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In the plots of a story handed down from grandmother to granddaughter, mythological characters and the generosity of mother Earth alternate: genuine, pure, authentic and precious, as if they were children, our "Picciriddi" in the Sicilian dialect.

Thus, Picciriddu becomes Burma for our artisanal alcoholic distillates.


We are welcomed by the Faun, protective deity of the children of the earth, precious natural elements such as aromatic herbs, spices, fruits which are processed according to secret and infallible recipes and which evoke the same care given to children.



The artisanal processing is guided by the intensity of care, the wisdom in mixing and infusion and the awareness of choosing and not filtering, respecting the qualitative and beneficial value of each spice, herb and citrus fruit.


We like to say "few but good": short supply chain, few quality raw materials, with greater guarantees of maintaining their organoleptic characteristics unchanged.

The same goes for the citrus fruits and spices we use, our "secret of taste".

After the harvest is the first step, the incipit of the story, the most precious moment in terms of care and waiting, as long as it is precious to obtain the best.

There is the awareness of choosing and respecting each step.

Craftsmanship is authenticity: the important thing is to maintain all the artisanal aspects of production, including the small imperfections that can be perceived and perhaps a color that is not perfectly standardized.


This is the world of PICCIRIDDU, the essence of Sicily in every drop: a Sicilian startup born in 2018 and led by Felice Paradiso, a young entrepreneur who created the first factory based in Acireale, creating the lively Sicilian liqueur without filtering.


The wave of craftsmanship represents a growing and healthy market. Consumption is driven by Made in Italy, the origin of regional liqueurs and products made with specific, refined and valuable ingredients, effectively creating new consumption opportunities.


Awarded at the Grand Prix Excellence 23 Brussels as a sign of recognition for the excellence of the products that have conquered the London market, Picciriddu recently successfully participated in the Mixology Experience in Milan, the largest event dedicated to the world of mixology.


This lies in Picciriddu's ability to combine the past and tradition with the modernity of changing times and tastes: the rediscovery of vintage flavors which today transforms "grandmother's liqueur" into a trendy drink, at the end of a meal or as a second course. evening.